Variphy Product Team Gets in Sync in Music City

5th & Taylor

Although Variphy’s workforce is remote, its teams regularly meet to plan upcoming projects and bond with colleagues. The pandemic, however, halted those gatherings, and our team members had to manage with online meetings and huddles.

After a two-year hiatus, Variphy was thrilled to host an in-person retreat for our product team! In February, our developers met in Nashville, Tennessee, to discuss the challenges and successes of 2021 and the roadmap for 2022.

“We have experienced unprecedented growth as a company over the past two years, from both a product and personnel standpoint,” said Derek Falter, head of Product Development. “When you try to grow a cohesive team, it can be a challenge for new members who haven’t had the opportunity to work with one another face-to-face. This event was something we needed as a team, for both new members and veterans.”

Aside from structured team discussions, members of the product team took advantage of the sights and sounds of Music City. They toured the famous Grand Ole Opry, walked down Music Row, and listened to more live music than most people do all year. Bowling, curling matches, and an escape room filled out the itinerary for the week.

“Even though we work remotely, communication with my team members is better than I’ve experienced working in a physical office,” said Tyler Guess, software engineer at Variphy. “I think the culture here fosters genuine communication.”

Variphy takes pride in the family culture of the company. The dedication and commitment of our teams have been some of the critical factors of our continued success. We look forward to more in-person events with our teams and customers as we transition back to normal life.

Left to right: Derek Falter, Kyle Aebischer, Nick Namba, Tyler Guess, Maria Ahlm, Peter Savkovich, Sammy Brown, Zach Whitten

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