Planet Guide

What Is Planet Variphy

Planet Variphy is a member-driven digital information hub where you can discuss the latest products and services, find information on upcoming events, share tips and tricks, and connect with other Variphy customers.


Activity Feed Page
  • The activity feed page displays a snapshot of the latest happenings in Planet Variphy. On this page, members can see suggested groups, upcoming webinars, leaderboards, members they follow, and recently active members. New discussions, as well as information on upcoming events and contests will also be available. The feed can be configured to display updates from the entire site or only from the groups and members they choose to follow.
Members Page
  • The members page is a community directory. Members can search this page to find and follow each other. 
  • Members connect in groups to exchange information, discuss new features and products, share application methods, and help each other. Topics should be relevant to the group. If you can’t find a group that fits your question or discussion topic, ask the administrators to create one.

Reward Yourself 


  • Members can earn points for their activity in the community. For actions such as starting a new discussion, following other members, and joining groups, a member can accrue points and move up the ranks. The more points a member earns, the higher their rank, which means more rewards! Our most active uses will be featured on our leaderboards.


  • Badges are awarded to recognize specific achievements on Planet Variphy. They also highlight our most knowledgeable members. Most badges will be available indefinitely while others may be obtained for a limited time. After you’ve earned a badge, it will be available to view in your personal profile.


  • As members earn points and badges, they will unlock new ranks in Planet Variphy. Ranks distinguish Planet Variphy’s oldest and most active members. When members rank up, they receive a reward. 


  • Leaderboards highlight currently active members with the most points. Each month the top contributors will be featured on our leaderboard and are eligible to win prizes!

Other Important Information

Community Guidelines

Planet Variphy Terms and Conditions